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Do-It-Yourself Iowa Incorporation Setup Kit for Business Owners & Investors!

Do-It-Yourself Iowa Incorporation:

Quick Facts on Iowa incorporation:
Initial state fee $50. Current Iowa processing time is roughly 1-2 days plus mailing time. Call (515) 281-5204 for more information.

Reduce Both Your Business Risk and Your Tax Bill!

Are you ready to incorporate your Iowa business? You can use any one of several approaches. You can, for instance, pay a local attorney or accountant several hundred or even a few thousand dollars.

Another option: You can pay one of the online corporation services several hundred dollars.

Finally, you have a third option—one that’s not only the most economical option but also often the fastest Iowa incorporation option. You can just incorporate your business yourself using my do-it-yourself Iowa incorporation kit. You'll get your corporation setup quickly and you’ll save hundreds of dollars.

Here are the specifics. For $37.95 you can purchase the complete edition of the do-it-yourself Iowa Corporation kit and then immediately download a 35+ page pdf document that discusses and describes the twin benefits of using a Iowa corporation for your active trade or business. The kit explains in step-by-step fashion how to setup your Iowa corporation in a few minutes, how to get a federal tax identification number for your new corporation so you can start banking and other financial activities, and how to elect to have your corporation treated for federal and state income tax as an S Corporation so you can maximize your tax savings.

Do It Yourself $37.95 Iowa Incorporation Kit:Table of Contents:

1. Introduction

2. Understanding the twin benefits of incorporation

* Limited liability protection

* Tax benefits of corporations

3. Drawbacks of incorporating in Iowa

4. Steps for easily incorporating in Iowa

5. Licensing a corporation in Iowa

6. Quickly getting a federal employer identification number (EIN) for your corporation

7. Maximizing the tax benefits of your new corporation

* Determining when a C corporation saves the most tax

* Determining when an S Corporation saves most tax

8. Precise steps for electing S Corporation status for your corporation

9. Sample Iowa corporation by-laws

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If you purchase a Do-It-Yourself Iowa Incorporation Kit: Iowa Corporation, you can download the pdf document immediately. We also email you a link that you can use to download the document later. Refunds, unfortunately, work a bit more slowly because the process is manual. If you request a refund--do this simply by emailing us--we typically take a workday or two process your refund...

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If for any reason you feel you didn't get the information you wanted in a Do-It-Yourself Incorporation Kit: Iowa Corporation, contact me at steve dot nelson at stephenlnelson dot com and request a refund within 60 days. Your payment will be completely refunded. No questions, no hassles, no delay.

About the Author

The Do-It-Yourself Incorporation Kit: Iowa Corporation document was written by CPA Stephen L. Nelson and attorney Carl Baranowski.

Stephen L. Nelson has been a CPA for twenty-plus years, He holds an MBA in Finance from the University of Washington and an MS in Taxation from Golden Gate University. Nelson is the author of numerous best-selling books about accounting and finance including Quicken for Dummies (which sold more than 1,000,000 copes) and QuickBooks for Dummies (which sold more than 500,000 copies). He's also taught limited liability company and S corporation taxation in the graduate tax school at Golden Gate University.

An attorney for two-plus decades, Carl Baranowski has worked both as an in-house corporate counsel and as practicing attorney, serving both private and public real estate and high technology companies. Baranowski holds an MBA and JD from Stanford University as well as two master's degrees and a bachelor's degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. A member of both the Florida Bar and the Texas Bar, he's also the co-author of the popular legal reference, Representing High-Tech Companies (Law Journal Press, 2006).

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